Why Are We Doing This?

Co-Founder Jim Sheils Explains Why the Board Meetings Retreat Exists

Board Meetings co-founders Jim and Brian have travelled the world, speaking with thousands of entrepreneurs. They found that everywhere the epidemic of disconnection tears apart families and destroys businesses. The Board Meetings Retreat reconnects the entrepreneur family through fun experiential education.

What is Board Meetings International?

Board Meetings International is the only organization built for entrepreneur families. We reconnect the family, teach folks the principles of living balanced lives, and educate kids on the true principles of success. Thousands of entrepreneur families use our tools to grow, connect, and change the world together.

Who Attends Our Retreats?

Twice yearly, a tight-knit community of world-class entrepreneurs and their world-class kids trek to the gorgeous north-east coast of Florida for our retreat. This is not a ‘troubled kids’ camp. Our retreats are designed for the rare family willing to dedicate time and resources for true growth, real education, and deep connection.

What Are The Benefits?

Attendees leave the retreat with stronger parent-child connections, a stronger sense of contribution, a deepened success mindset, and practical financial knowledge. Our attendees — both parent and child — report experiencing fundamental shifts in mindset and focus on passion. Parents and kids’ grow together.

What Our Community is Saying

Steve Sims

Steve Sims

Owner at The Bluefish

“We had constant eye-openers. I saw him [my son] in positions I’ve never seen him in before. I have a newfound respect, admiration, and I couldn’t love him more than I already do. I saw him interacting with people in ways I’d never seen before. I was floored.”

Shannon Waller

Shannon Waller

Owner at Strategic Coach

“As busy entrepreneurs we’ll jump on a plane for one of our clients, but we don’t always do that for our family. If you have a child in your life that you need to strengthen a relationship with, I can’t recommend Board Meetings International strongly enough.”

Rick Sapio

Rick Sapio

Founder at A Billion Entrepreneurs

“Our goal with A Billion Entrepreneurs is ‘An Entrepreneur in Every Home” because the world world needs more problem solving entrepreneurs. The Board Meetings Retreat is the best  program to help instill these entrepreneurial values.”

Giovanni Marsico

Giovanni Marsico

Owner at Archangel Academy

“When I took my son to the Board Meetings Retreat, I learned first hand how aligned Board Meetings is with our mission at Archangel Academy — to positively impact 100,000 people’s lives by connecting entrepreneurs with a vision for positive change. ”

Our Proven Curriculum

Speaking with thousands of entrepreneurs, co-founders Jim and Brian recognized that most entrepreneurs suffered from disconnection — both from themselves and their families. Subconsciously at first, they began seeking answers.

Along a few remarkable mentors, Jim and Brian began meeting for yearly surf trips called, “Board Meetings.” These original surf trips used personal development principles and experiential education to teach confidence, entrepreneurial vision, financial empowerment, conscious contribution, quality connection, and energetic health.

This became the core of our curriculum, which we teach via tools like books and our signature retreat.

Experience This Relationship-Deepening Family Retreat